In today's modern office environment, sitting for long hours has become the normal behavior, but that doesn't mean we should compromise on comfort and health. This is why our founders, George and Ethan, established SiTuo after many years of contemplation.

With over 20 years of experience in ergonomics, they have worked for major brands and understand the discomfort and health issues caused by prolonged sitting, which can even lead to health problems and impact work productivity. So they wanted to utilize their profound knowledge in ergonomics and market experience to integrate design with comfort, creating unique chairs.

Our name, "SiTuo," signifies our contemplation on designing more products that make office workers feel at ease and work more effortlessly. SiTuo is not just an office chair, but a redefinition of the office lifestyle. Our mission is to provide a healthier and more comfortable office experience.

The key feature of SiTuo's ergonomic chairs is their ability to maintain comfort even during long hours of sitting. They embody our commitment to comfort, health, and efficient work. Their design is meticulously researched to ensure optimal support and comfort even with prolonged use. At SiTuo, we believe that a comfortable chair not only improves your posture but also can transform your work life. Whether you are in an office, home office, or remote workspace, SiTuo adapts to various office environments to make your work more enjoyable.

We are proud to announce that SiTuo has partnered with numerous renowned office chair brands worldwide, earning their high recognition and praise. This fully demonstrates our relentless effort and commitment to providing the best work experience for office professionals. 

Welcome to join us and experience the joy of work while realizing your own value.


Anji Situo's goal is to become a leader in our industry by providing a product designed for a healthier working environment.


Anji Situo is committed to building a product applying the latest available technology and methods of production. Our Ergonomic Office Seating provides you with a “healthy” choice to give you the correct ergonomic solution to the needs of your “Hi-tech” working environment without sacrificing styling or design. We are also committed to provide professional top quality customer service and responsiveness to your needs so that we may guarantee you full customer satisfaction.


Anji Situo will strive to build product considering the users needs and evaluation of the product. Then we determine ways to implement those desired improvements. We request your help by suggesting any product or feature you consider important in your particular need which is missing from our product line. Your suggestions will then be analyzed and considered for the possibility of future production.

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